Tree Service

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Tree Service

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Crews Timber and All Type Tree Services Inc is the leading tree service in Woodbine, GA. We offer top quality services that will keep your trees healthy and help them to retain their beauty and stature.

Trees are a major part of the landscape and can increase the value of your property. They can be glorious focal points that provide shade and protection, but like any other plant in your garden, they need proper care to encourage their well-being.

At Crews Timber and All Type Tree Services Inc, we admit to being true tree huggers. We have a passion for the trees that can be found in our area and are up to date with the latest technology and processes that can be used to keep them healthy and growing. We are proud to offer these services and share this knowledge at the region’s most economical prices.

Our tree service menu includes:

• Trimming – Our experts can trim limbs that may be diseased or damaged, or eliminate limbs that are hanging too low or blocking a view.

• Thinning – This procedure thins out limbs to allow for better tree structure and let more sunlight shine through. This will lessen the chance for the harmful growth of fungus and shed light on plants beneath the tree.

• Aesthetics – Pruning trees can help shape them into a more pleasing growth pattern and keep them confined within an allotted space.

• Reduction – This will lessen the size of the trees to allow for utility line clearance.

At Crews Timber and All Type Tree Services Inc, we can also handle fertilization and tree inspection, or help with new tree selection and planting.

Give your trees the treatment they deserve and call on Woodbine’s tree service experts at Crews Timber and All Type Tree Services Inc. Contact us today for a free estimate and consultation.